"My kids really enjoy coming to Fun City and I like that it is a fun, safe place and they are taught things not taught in school."

-Stephanie Bonaparte


Fun City Youth Academy is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization that provides year-round programming in a safe and stimulating environment to help youth reach their full potential.
For more than 40 years, Fun City has offered programs that combine academic work with activities that promote cultural awareness and build self worth.

It has addressed one of the most pressing problems that our country faces: the persistent achievement gap among low income children. There are many successful alumni of the program in the Columbia area who can attest to the program's contribution to their success.


What We Offer

The Fun City Youth Academy provides families and their 5-14 year old children with year-round programming in a safe and stimulating environment. We offer:

1. Learning is fun in our programs, as we incorporate creativity and technology into our reading and math lessons.

2. Opportunities - Fun City kids have the opportunity to expand their world, enrich their ethnic identify, meet successful, caring adults, make friends with other youth and give back to the community.

3. Year-round programming with the Saturday Academy during the school year and the Summer Academy for eight weeks during the summer break.


Our History

The program that came to be known in the community as Fun City Youth Academy was founded more than forty years ago at the grass roots level by individuals who recognized that the achievement gap was hindering the development of youth in the city's first ward. They wanted to establish a program that would promote academic knowledge retention during weekend and summer breaks.

The visionary co-founders were the Rev. and Mrs. Melvin West, who were joined later by Mrs. Beulah Ralph who provided leadership and support over many years of service. The program was initially housed in the lower level of St. Paul AME Church on Park Avenue with 25 children in attendance. In July of 1973, it was incorporated as Community Playground of Columbia, Inc. (CPCI), a non-profit organization that operates as Fun City Youth Academy. The program moved to Frederick Douglass High School in 1975, to Ridgeway Elementary School in 2013, and to West Boulevard Elementary in 2016. The Saturday Youth Academy opened at the J. W. "Blind" Boone Community Center in 2003. In 2016 we left the "Blind" Boone Center and opened at 2 new locations: Progressive Missionary Baptist Church and New Horizons United Methodist. We now serve up to 150 children and their families annually.

Our Funding

Currently, the principal funding for Fun City Youth Academy programs is provided by the County of Boone, the City of Columbia, Children's Trust Fund of Missouri, Veterans United Foundation, and Joe Machens Ford Lincoln.

The County of Boone is helping to fund the Summer and Saturday Youth Academies with an agreement for purchase of services. The agreement was initiated in 2016 and renewed in 2017. With this funding, Fun City provides programming to improve mental health outcomes in youth, programming that promotes healthy lifestyle choices amongst youth, and programming to help strengthen family units that include youth under the age of 19.

The City of Columbia is helping to fund Fun City's Summer Academy with a 2 year contract to provide social services to address issues related to Children, Youth, and Families. This much-needed funding for the Summer Academy helps Fun City address two issues affecting Columbia youth: 1) summer fade, the term used to describe the loss of 2 to 3 months of reading and math skills for underserved children who are not actively engaged in learning activities over the summer recess; and 2) the achievement gap that is currently between economically disadvantaged and advantaged Columbia youth.

The Missouri Children's Trust Fund has awarded a 5 year grant to Fun City for primary prevention services geared to the general population. They include work with children to build a strong sense of self-worth and training in social and emotional skills, such as respectful behavior and assuming responsibility for actions. Work with parents includes parent-group discussions using the Building Strong Families curriculum and the Tools for Living project.

Additional funding for the Summer and Saturday Youth Academies and for general operating expenses continues to be dependent on contributions by generous companies, civic organizations, foundations and individuals. We want to thank the Downtown Optimist Club, Boone Electric Community Trust, and Mel and Barbara West for major gifts in 2017.


The Fun City Board of Directors
Co-Presidents: Danny Miller and Timm Hudspeth
Vice-President: Adrian Clifton, Ph.D.
Secretary: Kelly Adkins
Treasurer: Tatha Todd

Members at Large
Ahmed Abdelhamid
Valencia Broadus, J.D.
Maria Dawson
Mary Dewey
Tammy Kelliehan
Floyd Turner

Fun City Staff

Executive Director: Bonnie Yantzi
Support Administrator: Phillip Williams, Sr.
Counselor: Devara Brock
Parent Advocate: Ida Hatton
Saturday Program Coordinator: Tammy Kelliehan
Saturday Reading Teacher: Jackie Cody
Saturday Math Teacher: Patrika Brown