"I think that you are all so helpful by taking time out with my kids. Showing them how to use their skills on different things. I get wonderful feedback from them when they get home. They talk about how the teachers take their time with them. My daughter speaks highly of the young lady that works with her on Saturdays. I think Fun City Youth Academy is a great plan and it gives the kids something to do on Saturday. My kids show how they are developing on their motor skills. So I am looking forward to getting them enrolled in the Summer Program as well. So I do believe that Fun City Youth Academy is doing a wonderful job."

Denika Triplett

Please make a generous donation to keep our programs strong for the sake of our children and their parents.

Fun City Youth Academy is unique in providing high quality programming to children ages 5 to 14 and their parents without financial obligation, but we do require an attendance obligation. Parents sign an agreement to maintain their child's attendance on a regular basis and to participate themselves in parent and family oriented activities.

Our support of opportunities for low income families depends on your support of us. Your support is needed so that we can continue to provide the program without charge to the families we serve.

Opportunities for Children:
  • 31 weeks of Saturday Academy programming per year, to enhance educational performance during the school year.
  • 39 full days of educational, cultural and recreational programming to maintain skills during the "summer break."

Support for Parents
  • Opportunities for their children to have access to high quality educational and cultural programs that the parents cannot afford to purchase on their own
  • Safe, dependable childcare for their 5 - 14 year olds on Saturdays and for 6 - 10 year olds in June and July.
  • Support from Parent Groups where they can learn new strategies for their parenting role - and for other aspects of their lives.

Please be as generous as you can be we can't carry out our mission without your help!

Thank you,

Bonnie Yantzi, Director

Send a check or money order to:
Fun City Youth Academy
P. O. Box 1426
Columbia, MO 65205
Contact us for more information:
256-1436 or bonnie@fcya.org

Thank You!