"It was fun just to get out of the house and go to a new place every day. We had sessions in math, science, art and reading ... but we did it in a fun way so it wasn't just straight learning."

Preosha Jones, 17

Be a volunteer with Fun City

There are a number of ways to be involved with Fun City Youth Academy and make a difference in the lives of children! Volunteers are crucial to our functioning, as we have limited staff and the students appreciate the individual and small group attention that volunteers make possible.

We often need additional volunteers for the Saturday Academy which runs from mid-September to mid-May. This is especially true when the Service Learning students are being recruited and trained, in September and January, or when they are on vacation. So, if you have only limited time but want to help, give us a call to see about volunteering on a particular Saturday.

We need help in providing a hot lunch each Saturday and for special Holiday events. Fun City Youth Academy can provide the food, for individuals or groups, such as a church or a civic club, to prepare and bring in the meal by 11:30 on Saturdays.

Some students need help in basic academic skills. If you are able to volunteer regularly, working with the children one on one to help them decode reading can be satisfying as you see changes over time.

We want to broaden our student's horizons so that they can imagine what they would like to do in life and begin preparing for it.

A. We are looking for people with special skills of knowledge in a variety of areas, such as art, music, or science. You could volunteer to share information about your skill or interests in a 30 minute segment just once, or make a once a month commitment.

B. We welcome people who come in to share information about their jobs and the kind of training they needed to qualify for them. This introduces students to the potential for professions and jobs that they may have never heard of or thought they couldn't become qualified for.

For volunteers who enjoy administrative work, there is always copying, filing, and data entry to prepare the reports needed for our funders and to have materials ready for each program.

Call us at 573-256-1436 to explore how you might help us keep our program strong.

Thank you,

Bonnie Yantzi